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Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi (ISSN:1004-5619) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus-indexed journal from 1997 to Present. The publisher of this journal is the Journal of Forensic Medicine. Fa yi xue za zhi is committed to gathering and disseminating excellent research achievements. Inspiring medical innovation and promoting the Development of Disciplines. Fa yi xue za zhi | FYXZZ welcomes all types of medical journals including General Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, psychology, Public health, and so on.

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Fa yi xue za zhi

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Publish On ( Vol 40 , Issue 02 ) 31 May 2024


Fa yi xue za zhi

Analysis of Genetic Polymorphism and Population Genetic Structure of 57 Autosomal InDel Loci in Beichuan Qiang Population

To investigate the genetic information of 57 autosomal InDel loci (A-InDels) included in AGCU InDel 60 fluorescence detection kit in the Beichuan Qiang population of Sichuan Province and evaluate its application value in forensic medicine. A total of 200 unrelated healthy individuals from Beichuan Qiang population of Sichuan Province were typing detected by AGCU InDel 60 fluorescence detection kit. Allele frequencies and population genetic parameters of the 57 A-InDels were statistically analyzed and compared with the available data of 26 populations. After Bonferroni correction, there was

Fa yi xue za zhi
Research Progress on Sport-Related Sudden Cardiac Death

Physical exercise can reduce the overall risk of cardiovascular disease, prolong lifespan and improve the quality of life, but some studies have shown that there is a certain correlation between vigorous physical exercise and sudden cardiac death. A number of retrospective or prospective studies on sports-related sudden cardiac death (SrSCD) have been conducted at home and abroad. This article reviews the related studies on the definition, epidemiological characteristics, common causes of SrSCD and effects of excercise on cardiovascular function, pre-exercise screening and evaluation of SrS

Fa yi xue za zhi
Forensic Analysis of 9 Cases of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

To analyze the case, scene and forensic pathological characteristics of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), to provide a practical basis for forensic identification. A total of 9 autopsy cases of SUDEP were collected. The basic information of the cases, the scene characteristics, the forensic pathological changes, the common drugs and antiepileptic drug test results, and pericardial fluid biochemical test results were analyzed. All of the 9 cases were male epilepsy patients died during sleep at night, the age of death was (37.1±8.6) years, and the course of epilepsy was (21.

Fa yi xue za zhi
Application of Metabonomics in Substance Abuse Toxicology Research

Metabonomics is a relative discipline that develops after genomics and proteomics, and it is an important component of systems biology. It uses high-throughput and high-sensitivity instruments to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of all metabolic components in specific biological samples under limited conditions and combines with multivariate statistics to analyze and process the data to obtain information about physiological, pathological or toxicological changes in organisms. In recent years, because of the complicated mechanism of substance abuse and the continuous emergence

Fa yi xue za zhi
Detection of Exogenous γ-Hydroxybutyric Acid in Rat Blood Exosomes

To find a method to distinguish exogenous gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) from endogenous GHB by establishing ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS) based on exosome for quantitative detection of GHB in the rat blood. Adult male SD rats were divided into 1 h, 5 h, 10 h administration group and control group. After 1 h, 5 h and 10 h of single precursor of GHB gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) intraperitoneal injection in administration groups, 5 mL blood was collected from the abdominal aorta. Meanwhile, the control group was given a same dose of normal saline, and 5 mL

Fa yi xue za zhi
Review and Prospect of Diagnosis of Drowning Deaths in Water

Drowning is the death caused by asphyxiation due to fluid blocking the airway. In the practice of forensic medicine, it is the key to determine whether the corpse was drowned or entered the water after death. At the same time, the drowning site inference and postmortem submersion interval (PMSI) play an important role in the investigating the identity of the deceased, narrowing the investigation scope, and solving the case. Based on diatoms testing, molecular biology, imaging and artificial intelligence and other technologies, domestic and foreign forensic scientists have done relative rese

Fa yi xue za zhi
Application Prospect of MicroRNA in Skin Wound Age Estimation

Wound age estimation is one of the major tasks in forensic practice. However, relatively accurate estimation of the wound age is still a conundrum and research spotlight world-widely. Studies show that microRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in the whole process of the skin wound repair, and miRNAs, as biomarkers, might be used to estimate the time of skin injury owing to their characteristic advantage. This paper summarizes the miRNA fundamental function, properties, current research progress in the estimation of wound age, and its limitations, and put forward prospect of potential application and

Fa yi xue za zhi