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Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi (ISSN:1004-5619) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus-indexed journal from 1997 to Present. The publisher of this journal is the Journal of Forensic Medicine. Fa yi xue za zhi is committed to gathering and disseminating excellent research achievements. Inspiring medical innovation and promoting the Development of Disciplines. Fa yi xue za zhi | FYXZZ welcomes all types of medical journals including General Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, psychology, Public health, and so on.

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Fa yi xue za zhi

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Submission Deadline ( Vol 40 , Issue 02 ) 18 May 2024


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Fa yi xue za zhi

Research Progress on Molecular Markers Related to Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Death and Its Forensic Application

Routine pathological examination of unexplained sudden cardiac death (USCD) lacks significant morphological characteristics. In the field of forensic medicine, molecular biology methods have been used to find the cause of death by detecting genes and research related to the mechanism of sudden cardiac death has been carried out. From the molecular pathology point of view, the application of multiple levels of biomarkers to resolve the causes of USCD has already shown potential and provides an important path for forensic identification of USCD. This article reviews the latest research progre

Fa yi xue za zhi
Research Advances in the Monitoring of New Psychoactive Substances in Municipal Wastewater

In recent years, as the third-generation of drugs, new psychoactive substances (NPS) have expanded rapidly and become a serious concern for China's anti-drug prevention and control system. As a new drug monitoring technology in the current anti-drug field, wastewater analysis is an objective, real-time, accurate, convenient and effective drug monitoring method. In recent years, it has gradually been applied to the monitoring of NPS. This study summarizes wastewater sample collection, target stability research, wastewater sample pretreatment, wastewater sample analysis methods, target NP

Fa yi xue za zhi
Application of Sarcosaprophagous Insects to Estimate the Postmortem Interval in 11 Cases

To test the feasibility and accuracy of with sarcosaprophagous insects postmortem interval (PMI) estimation with sarcosaprophagous insects and provide references for estimation practice. Eleven cases confirmed by the detection results, with complete entomological evidence were selected. The insect species, estimation results and true results involved in the cases were statistically analyzed and compared. Thirteen species of insects were found at the criminal scene, including Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius), Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart), Chrysomya nigripes (Aubertin), Lucilia sericata (

Fa yi xue za zhi
Metabolomics Changes of Serum and Tissues in Mice Died of Acute Tetracaine Poisoning

To study the changes of metabolites in serum and tissues (kidney, liver and heart) of mice died of acute tetracaine poisoning by metabolomics, to search for potential biomarkers and related metabolic pathways, and to provide new ideas for the identification of cause of death and research on toxicological mechanism of acute tetracaine poisoning. Methods Forty ICR mice were randomly divided into control group and acute tetracaine poisoning death group. The model of death from acute poisoning was established by intraperitoneal injection of tetracaine, and the metabolic profile of serum and tis

Fa yi xue za zhi
Forensic Progress on Death Following Carotid Sinus Inhibition

Death after carotid sinus trauma is usually attributed to death from inhibition, a type of sudden death. Currently, the number of incidents is scarce, and related studies are few. Therefore, how to determine the involvement of carotid sinus and determine the role of diseases in the cause of death has always been a difficult point in forensic investigation. This article sorts out the research literature on carotid sinus related death at home and abroad in recent years, systematically reviews the anatomic structure of the carotid sinus nerve, the clinical epidemiology of carotid sinus syndrom

Fa yi xue za zhi
Research Progress on Estimation of Postmortem Interval Using mRNA and ncRNA

Postmortem interval (PMI) estimation has always been an important and difficult issue in the field of forensic pathology. In recent years, research progress on the estimation of PMI using RNA specific variation patterns after death has been made by researchers at home and aboard. This paper summarizes the specific application methods of messenger RNA and non-coding RNA for PMI estimation based on the literatures and discusses the existing problems and development trends, in order to provide technical reference for related studies and estimation practice.

Fa yi xue za zhi
Sex Estimation of Typical Adult Vertebrae Morphology in Central China Based on CT Technique

The morphological data of the second thoracic vertebra and the third lumbar vertebra were measured by computerized tomography (CT). The sex differences were analyzed and the discrimination equation was obtained. The data of 274 adults (203 cases from experimental group and 69 cases from validation group) from central China were collected. Four linear data (maximum transverse length of vertebral body, maximum longitudinal length of vertebral body, maximum transverse length of vertebral foramen, maximum longitudinal length of vertebral foramen), one angle data (angle between spinous processes

Fa yi xue za zhi