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Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi (ISSN:1004-5619) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus-indexed journal from 1997 to Present. The publisher of this journal is the Journal of Forensic Medicine. Fa yi xue za zhi is committed to gathering and disseminating excellent research achievements. Inspiring medical innovation and promoting the Development of Disciplines. Fa yi xue za zhi | FYXZZ welcomes all types of medical journals including General Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, psychology, Public health, and so on.

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Fa yi xue za zhi

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Publish On ( Vol 40 , Issue 02 ) 30 Jun 2024


Fa yi xue za zhi


The purpose of our research is to assess the impact of iron deficient anemia on the HbA1c, clinical, and hematological outcomes of diabetes patients in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Researchers from multiple settings in Bangladesh and Pakistan participated in the four-month cross-sectional study, which took place in the Department of Pathology/Hematology at Ayub Medical College in Abbottabad, Pakistan, between December 2023 and March 2024. A straightforward sampling procedure was used to determine the population size, with 174 patients participating in the study. The structured surveys were used to

Fa yi xue za zhi
Development Model of Catch Techniques in Pencak Silat: Evaluation and Implementation for Silat Athletes

Pencak Silat, as a traditional martial art of Indonesia, has experienced significant growth in the country. This sport requires athletes with complex physical conditions and techniques, including capture techniques that require adaptation from athletes. Therefore, this research aims to develop a capture technique model within the framework of the ADDIE Model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). This study is a development research study using the ADDIE model development procedure. Participants in this study included 7 content experts for validation and 15 respondent

Fa yi xue za zhi
Research Progress of Metabolomics Techniques Combined with Machine Learning Algorithm in Wound Age Estimation

Wound age estimation is the core content in the practice of forensic medicine. Accurate estimation of wound age is a scientific question that needs to be urgently solved by forensic scientists at home and abroad. Metabolomics techniques can effectively detect endogenous metabolites produced by internal or external stimulating factors and describe the dynamic changes of metabolites in vivo. It has the advantages of strong operability, high detection efficiency and accurate quantitative results. Machine learning algorithm has special advantages in processing high-dimensional data sets, which

Fa yi xue za zhi
Modeling Methods and Influencing Factors for Age Estimation Based on DNA Methylation

Age estimation based on tissues or body fluids is an important task in forensic science. The changes of DNA methylation status with age have certain rules, which can be used to estimate the age of the individuals. Therefore, it is of great significance to discover specific DNA methylation sites and develop new age estimation models. At present, statistical models for age estimation have been developed based on the rule that DNA methylation status changes with age. The commonly used models include multiple linear regression model, multiple quantile regression model, support vector machine mo

Fa yi xue za zhi
Pathological Changes and Cause of Death Associated with the Global Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been a global epidemic for more than three years, causing more than 6.9 million deaths. COVID-19 has the clinical characteristics of strong infectivity and long incubation period, and can cause multi-system damage, mainly lung damage, clinical symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and systemic multiple organ damage. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is still constantly mutating. At present, there is no global consensus on the pathological changes of COVID-19 associated deaths and even no consensus on the criteria for determining the cause of d

Fa yi xue za zhi
Forensic Validation and Application Evaluation of IDentifier DNA Typing Kit (Yan-Huang34)

To investigate the technical performance of IDentifier DNA typing kit (YanHuang34) and evaluate its forensic application value. Following the Criterion of Forensic Science Human Fluorescence STR Multiplex Amplification Reagent (GB/T 37226-2018), IDentifier DNA typing kit (YanHuang34) was verified in 11 aspects of species specificity, veracity, sensibility, adaptability, inhibitor tolerance, consistency, balance, reaction condition verification, mixed samples, stability and inter batch consistency. The system efficiency of IDentifier DNA typing kit (YanHuang34) was compared with the PowerPle

Fa yi xue za zhi
Application Progress of Objective Audiological Detection Techniques in Forensic Clinical Medicine

The qualitative, quantitative, and localization analysis of hearing loss is one of the important contents of forensic clinical research and identification. Pure-tone audiometry is the "gold standard" for hearing loss assessment, but it is affected by the subjective cooperation of the assessed person. Due to the complexity of the auditory pathway and the diversity of hearing loss, the assessment of hearing loss requires the combination of various subjective and objective audiometric techniques, along with comprehensive evaluation based on the case situation, clinical symptoms, and

Fa yi xue za zhi