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Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi (ISSN:1004-5619) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus-indexed journal from 1997 to Present. The publisher of this journal is the Journal of Forensic Medicine. Fa yi xue za zhi is committed to gathering and disseminating excellent research achievements. Inspiring medical innovation and promoting the Development of Disciplines. Fa yi xue za zhi | FYXZZ welcomes all types of medical journals including General Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, psychology, Public health, and so on.

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Fa yi xue za zhi

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Submission Deadline ( Vol 40 , Issue 02 ) 18 May 2024


Publish On ( Vol 40 , Issue 02 ) 31 May 2024


Fa yi xue za zhi

Research Progress on Multiple Organ Damage and Mechanism of Cantharidin Poisoning

Cantharidin poisoning has been proven to cause multiple organ damage. Acute circulatory failure, acute renal failure, and multiple organ failure resulting from cantharidin poisoning are the main causes of death for patients with cantharidin poisoning. However, research on the damage of main target organs and mechanism of cantharidin poisoning is not clear. This paper reviews the latest toxicological and pathological research literatures at home and abroad related to cantharidin poisoning and comprehensively summarizes the latest research progress on the toxicological and pathological damage

Fa yi xue za zhi
Frequency Characteristics of AEPs in Normal Young Adults and Comparison of Their Response Threshold and Pure Tone Audiometry Threshold

The tests of three types of auditory evoked potentials (AEPs) were performed on normal young adults, to understand the frequency characteristics of different testing methods and the relationship between response threshold and pure tone audiometry threshold of different methods, and to discuss the forensic value of 3 types of AEPs to evaluate hearing function. Methods Twenty normal young adults were selected, their standard pure tone audiometry threshold, short-term pure tone audiometry threshold and the response threshold of 3 types of AEPs (tone burst-auditory brainstem response, 40 Hz aud

Fa yi xue za zhi
Retrospective Analysis of 61 Cases of Children Died of Viral Pneumonia

To retrospectively analyze the forensic pathological postmortem examination and clinical data of children who died of viral pneumonia in identification of cause of death cases and to discuss the clinical characteristics and pathological features of viral pneumonia in children, in order to provide reference to pathological diagnosis of viral pneumonia in children caused by 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection. Postmortem examination data from 61 cases of children whose causes of death were identified as viral pneumonia in recent years were collected from the Center of Forensic Identi

Fa yi xue za zhi
Advances in Neuropathologic Research of Hypoglycemic Brain Damage Caused by Insulin Overdose

Insulin is the most effective glycemic-lowering drug, and for people suffering from type 1 diabetes it is a life-saving drug. Its self-dosing by patients may be associated with a higher risk of overdose, both accidental and deliberate. Insulin-induced hypoglycemia causes up to 100,000 emergency department calls per year. Cases of suicide attempts using insulin have been described in the literature since its introduction into therapy, and one of the important factors in their occurrence is the very fact of chronic disease. Up to 90% of patients who go to toxicology wards overdose insulin con

Fa yi xue za zhi
Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths

Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths.Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths.Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths.Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths.Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths.Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths.Jianli Section of Yangtze River Based on Microstructure of Otoliths

Fa yi xue za zhi