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Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi

Fa yi xue za zhi (ISSN:1004-5619) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus-indexed journal from 1997 to Present. The publisher of this journal is the Journal of Forensic Medicine. Fa yi xue za zhi is committed to gathering and disseminating excellent research achievements. Inspiring medical innovation and promoting the Development of Disciplines. Fa yi xue za zhi | FYXZZ welcomes all types of medical journals including General Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, psychology, Public health, and so on.

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Fa yi xue za zhi

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Fa yi xue za zhi

Research Progress on Machine Learning Assisted Non-Targeted Screening Strategy for Identification of Fentanyl Analogs

In recent years, the types and quantities of fentanyl analogs have increased rapidly. It has become a hotspot in the illicit drug control field of how to quickly identify novel fentanyl analogs and to shorten the blank regulatory period. At present, the identification methods of fentanyl analogs that have been developed mostly rely on reference materials to target fentanyl analogs or their metabolites with known chemical structures, but these methods face challenges when analyzing new compounds with unknown structures. In recent years, emerging machine learning technology can quickly and au

Fa yi xue za zhi
Retrospective Analysis of Death Cases of Oral Diphenidol Hydrochloride Poisoning

To explore the characteristics of postmortem examination, chemical examination and scene investigation of deaths caused by oral diphenidol hydrochloride poisoning, and so as to provide a reference for proper settlement and prevention of such deaths. The data of 22 deaths caused by oral diphenidol hydrochloride poisoning in a city from January 2018 to August 2020 were collected, including case details, scene investigations, autopsies, chemical examinations and digital evidence. Thirty-one cases of deaths caused by oral diphenidol hydrochloride poisoning reported in previous literature were a

Fa yi xue za zhi
The Value of VR-PVEP in Objective Evaluation of Monocular Refractive Visual Impairment

To study the virtual reality-pattern visual evoked potential (VR-PVEP) P100 waveform characteristics of monocular visual impairment with different impaired degrees under simultaneous binocular perception and monocular stimulations. A total of 55 young volunteers with normal vision (using decimal recording method, far vision ≥0.8 and near vision ≥0.5) were selected to simulate three groups of monocular refractive visual impairment by interpolation method. The sum of near and far vision ≤0.2 was Group A, the severe visual impairment group; the sum of near and far vision <0.8 was G

Fa yi xue za zhi
Research Progress on Microbial Community Succession in the Postmortem Interval Estimation

The postmortem interval (PMI) estimation is a key and difficult point in the practice of forensic medicine, and forensic scientists at home and abroad have been searching for objective, quantifiable and accurate methods of PMI estimation. With the development and combination of high-throughput sequencing technology and artificial intelligence technology, the establishment of PMI model based on the succession of the microbial community on corpses has become a research focus in the field of forensic medicine. This paper reviews the technical methods, research applications and influencing fact

Fa yi xue za zhi
Rapid Determination of Bucinnazine in Blood by UPLC-MS/MS

To establish a rapid method for the analysis of bucinnazine in blood by UPLC-MS/MS and to apply the method to the practical case. After the internal standard was added to blood, the protein was precipitated with 900 μL mixed solution (Vacetonitrile‚ą∂Vwater=8‚ą∂2). After vortex and centrifugation, the protein was measured through 0.22 μm filter membrane. The separation was performed on C18 chromatography column, with acetonitrile and 5 mmol/L ammonium acetate containing 0.1% formic acid aqueous as mobile phase gradient elution at the flow rate of 0.4 mL/min. Multiple

Fa yi xue za zhi
Construction and Application of Rib Fracture Diagnosis Model Based on YOLOv3 Algorithm

The artificial intelligence-aided diagnosis model of rib fractures based on YOLOv3 algorithm was established and applied to practical case to explore the application advantages in rib fracture cases in forensic medicine. DICOM format CT images of 884 cases with rib fractures caused by thoracic trauma were collected, and 801 of them were used as training and validation sets. A rib fracture diagnosis model based on YOLOv3 algorithm and Darknet53 as the backbone network was built. After the model was established, 83 cases were taken as the test set, and the precision rate, recall rate, F1-scor

Fa yi xue za zhi
Legal Theories, Disability Models and Principles of Disability Assessment

In the personal injury compensation system, the protection and relief of the injured people's rights to life, rights to health, and body rights are generally based on the results of disability assessment. Over the years, with the increased number of personal injury compensation cases, the practice of disability assessment have been greatly developed, and the development of disability assessment standards tends to be mature. However, the lack of basic theories for disability assessment has seriously affected the construction and unification of standards. Starting from the tort legal syst

Fa yi xue za zhi